Kremlin Armoury

Kremlin Armoury

Founded in 1806, the Kremlin Armoury Chamber is one of the oldest museums in Moscow, home to priceless treasures, weapons and armour from Russian history.


Despite its name, the Kremlin Armoury Chamber is home to an extensive and diverse collection of objects and artefacts:

Gold and silver pieces

Russian art is known for its fine handcrafted pieces inlaid with gold and precious stones. Many of them are decorated with huge blue sapphires, the favourite stone of Ivan the Terrible.  Among the most precious items are priceless icons and a number of the mythical Fabergé Eggs.

Gifts from ambassadors

One of the most varied museum collections is that of gifts given by ambassadors, as it's made up of a range of peculiar objects including ostrich eggs, coconuts, ivory and rare minerals.

Weapons and armour

Naturally, the Kremlin Armoury has an extensive collection of extravagant historical Russian weapons, many decorated with ivory, gold and silver and created by the very best craftsmen of the time. The museum's weapons collection not only contains pieces from Russia, but also from different European countries, exhibiting a varied collection of armour, shields, swords and firearms.

Royal carriages

With one of the most important collections of carriages in the world, the museum's carriages are beautiful pieces of art with incredible attention to detail.

Ceremonial harnesses and saddles

The Tsars of the Russian Empire had ostentatious horse saddles and harness embroidered with gold thread and decorated with precious stones.

A fascinating museum

The Kremlin Armoury Chamber offers unparalleled insight into the luxury in which the historic Russian nobility lived. Its rich and varied collection is interesting for a wide range of visitors.

Please note that it isn't necessary to visit the museum and the rest of the Kremlin complex on the same day, as they have separate entrances, which is a plus if you'd prefer to spread out your visits to best suit your trip.

If you'd like to make the most of your visit to the Kremlin Armoury Chamber accompanied by an expert English-speaking guide to learn all about the different exhibitions, check out our Guided Tour of the Kremlin Armoury.


Friday to Wednesday: 10 am to 6 pm (this may vary depending on the season)
Closed Thursdays


Adults: 1000 RUB.
Children under 16 years old: 500 (US$ 6.20)

Kremlin Armoury Guided Tour in Moscow 57 (US$ 61.10)


Metro: Biblioteca imeni Lenina, line 1 (red line).