Museums in Moscow

Moscow itself is a living museum with streets and metro stations full of history, but the city is also home to numerous dedicated spaces to discover Russian history and art. See which museums interest you the most!

Museums in Moscow

Pushkin Museum

Moscow's Pushkin State Museum of Fine Art is one of the most important in Russia. Its huge collection ranges from paintings to archaeological objects.

Tretyakov Gallery

Founded by a Muscovite merchant in the mid 19th century, the State Tretyakov Gallery is one of the largest collections of Russian fine art in the world.

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

Moscow's Cosmonautics Museum is dedicated to showcasing the important role Russia played in the space race during the 20th century.

State Historical Museum

Housed in one of the main buildings on Red Square, the State Historical Museum in Moscow was opened in 1872 to showcase Russian history.

Kremlin Armoury

The Kremlin Armoury is one of the oldest museums in Moscow, home to priceless treasures, weapons and armours from Russian history.

Museum of the Great Patriotic War

The Museum of the Great Patriotic War, located in Victory Park, is a history museum showcasing Russia's participation in World War II.