Ticket prices and travelcards

Ticket prices and travelcards

Fares for Moscow's public transport network are the same for every mode of transport making it really easy to travel. See all the different tickets here!

Fares for Moscow's public transport network are the same whether you're catching a metro, tram or bus. All tickets are cards that you tap on the turnstile readers before entering the metro station or bus. There are a number of different ticket options depending on how many journeys you're planning to take:

Ediny Ticket

This red ticket is best for short-term visitors or if you're not planning to use much public transport, and can be bought from metro stations. You can buy single tickets ( 55 (US$ 0.90)), two-trip tickets ( 110 (US$ 1.90)), 20-trip tickets ( 720 (US$ 12.40)) and so on, with savings on larger numbers of trips.

Troika Ticket

This is the most economical option if you're spending a few days in the Russian capital. The card can be purchased and recharged at various station machines or even with the special Moscow Metro application. Your balance can be checked on the app or in the small yellow terminals inside the metro stations. A trip works out at 35 (US$ 0.60), but if you change transport within 90 minutes, you will only pay 19 Roubles for the next trip.

Day Ticket

Unlimited transport for one day ( 230 (US$ 4)) or 3 days ( 438 (US$ 7.50)).

90-Minute Ticket

The most convenient card if you want to take several types of transport with an hour and a half period. It costs 65 Roubles per person and allows one metro ride and an unlimited number of trips on other types of public transport in Moscow during the time of its duration.