Prices & travel costs in Moscow

Prices & travel costs in Moscow

Are restaurants expensive? How much does a coffee cost? How much money should you bring for a few days in Moscow? Discover how much it costs to travel to Russia and plan ahead to save money on your trip!

Moscow can be an expensive city to travel to, although booking hotels in advance can often mean finding good deals and saving money. Having said that, transport is relatively affordable, and exploring the Moscow Metro is like being in an art museum; parks, churches, and free walking tours provide a great way to save money, and it's possible to find deals at restaurants to suit all budgets.

Tipping in Moscow is not as widely expected as in other countries of the world. Tip tour guides around 10% of their daily rate, but in taxis, hotels, and restaurants only if the service warrants it.

Check out the currency conversions from the Russian Rouble here.

A few examples

Food and drink

  • Coffee: 65 - 150 (US$ 1.70)
  • Beer: 300 (US$ 3.40)
  • Small bottle of water: 100 (US$ 1.10)
  • Two-course meal in a restaurant: 1,200 (US$ 13.60)
  • Fixed-price lunch menu deal: 400 - 600 (US$ 6.80)



  • Single bed in a shared dorm room: from 600 (US$ 6.80)
  • Double room in a budget hotel: from 1,200 (US$ 13.60)
  • Well-rated, central hotels: from 3,000 (US$ 33.90)
  • Luxury hotels: from 10,000 (US$ 113.10)

Entrance fees