Shopping in Moscow

Shopping in Moscow

Discover where to shop in Moscow, from boutiques to markets, and find the typical souvenirs to bring back from the Russian capital.

What to buy in Moscow?

  • Matryoshkas: the most iconic of all Russian souvenirs, matryoshkas are sets of wooden stacking dolls placed inside each other. From colourful dolls representing the traditional clothing of rural Russia to modernised ones depicting politicians, they can be found in shops and markets throughout Moscow.
  • Fabergé Eggs: originally created as priceless pieces of art for the Russian nobility, today you can find affordable replicas of these lavish jewel-encrusted eggs, still boasting the same beauty and attention to detail.
  • Amber: Russia is home to one of the world's largest reserves of amber, making the precious stone an ideal natural and historical souvenir. It can be found in a variety of different pieces of jewellery and other objects at very competitive prices.
  • Traditional tableware: the most emblematic tableware items are pieced of Gzhel ceramics, known particularly for their blue and white designs. Teapots, or samovars, make especially good souvenirs if you've got room in your suitcase as they're a reminder of the Russian love for tea too!
  • Handkerchiefs, scarves and shawls: soft, colourful, hand-embroidered textiles, the most popular of these fabrics come from Pavlovsky Posad, a town to the east of Moscow.
  • Woodwork: lacquered wooden boxes with intricate details are an ideal choice for storing pieces of jewellery and other small personal treasures.
  • Soviet souvenirs: ideal for nostalgic collectors, in many shops and markets you'll find badges, caps, posters and other different objects from the former Soviet Union - or at least influenced by it.
  • Food: vodka, caviar, honey, herbal liqueurs... whatever takes your fancy, many of Moscow's most typical delicacies make excellent souvenirs!

Main shopping areas in Moscow

  • GUM: built in the 1890s, the elegant glass-roofed shopping arcade known as the GUM Galleries is these days home to the city's most elegant boutiques. Whether they're within your budget or not, it's worth a stroll through as it's located on Red Square.
  • TsUM: Moscow's signature fashion department store, located in a lavish Gothic-style building next to the Bolshoi Theatre, is where all the luxury international brands can be found.
  • Okhotny Ryad Shopping Centre: not far from Red Square, this enormous mall is home to all different types of shops and restaurants.
  • Arbatskaya Street: Arbat has been one of Moscow's main commercial areas throughout the city's long history, as well as being one of the most prestigious places to live, meaning you can admire beautiful buildings that have been home to artists and members of the nobility while you shop!
  • Izmailovo Market: built as if it were a Medieval Russian citadel, Izmailovo Market is the ideal place to buy matryoshkas, leather goods and souvenirs at the best prices. It's a little way out of the centre but makes for a great day trip. It can be reached by metro line 3 (blue line) to Partizanskaya (35 minute journey from Red Square).
  • Eliseevsky: a grand market in an elegant mansion on Tverskaya Street, this historic food store is the perfect place to buy typical Russian delicacies.
  • Central Children’s Store: if you're travelling with children or you're looking to buy some presents for kids, head to this 7-storey mall - Tsentral'nyy Detskiy Magazin - dedicated to clothes and toys for little ones, next to the Lubyanka metro.